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BJFe Golden Delicious OD

hand wired by Bjorn Juhl (BJFe)


BJFe Golden Delicious OD

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  • BJFe Golden Delicious OD (GDOD) - This still rare and fresh piece is a simple circuit with a rawness and lo-fi character seldom heard. Still on the overdrive side of things but with a fuzzy character of its own. Loads of string and very dynamic. Golden Delicious latest is a low gain overdrive that breaks up in a way that many old amps not meant to distort do. For an overdrive, GDOD is raw and unfiltered (means here that the sound is not processed by filtering to cut off rough edges), but it has a boost cut treble control to make the sound sharp or soft. A great low gain fuzzy overdrive. Place it after a wah for some great old school tones. Your wah has never sounded as vocal as when plugged into it due to the overdrive mechanism of the circuit and how it responds to the resonance of the wah. Its drive comes from 2 rare NOS JFET transistors and a treble control to tame it. Think of it as a low-gain dynamic fuzz.

    The BJFe Golden Delicious is an overdrive with incredible response.
    Although the gain is low, it has a unique edge, and even with low compression, you can feel the distortion with a solid core and a thick sound. It's not a low-gain pedal that's developed from a booster, but it's got plenty of thick distortion, yet the gain itself isn't really high, and it's distorted even though it's not distorted. .
    Combined with a wah pedal, it's easy to create old-school tones. Another feature of the Golden Delicious is that you can create a singing tone by combining it with the wah resonance.

    Vol: Adjusts the overall volume.
    Drive: Adjusts the intensity of distortion.
    Treble: Adjusts the tone balance, centering on the high frequencies.

    The Golden Delicious MkII runs on a 9V battery or a standard 2.1mm barrel type center negative DC9V adapter.

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