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BJFe Honey Bee OD Deluxe w/toggles

fmodern / vintage toggle, mids toggle, global boost function, pre-gain trimpot

hand wired by Bjorn Juhl (BJFe)

BJFe Honey Bee OD Deluxe w/MV and mids toggles, pre-gain trimpot, boost function

Out of Stock
  • Honey Bee Overdrive Deluxe (HBODdlx) - Warm dynamic overdrive, like and old Supro tube amp with an added Baby Pink Booster (BPB). This version has an (1) internal trimpot and (2) external toggles. When the boost is engaged in OD mode, this engages both the global boost that has a knob, and also an internal pre-boost that is trimmable via a trimpot on the pcb so you can set both higher distortion and higher volume at the same time. The one external toggle sets vintage or modern mode, which partly changes how the EQ controls work. The second external toggle is used to shift from standard to lower mids. A Swiss army knife Honey Bee!

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