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BJFe Honey Bee OD 4K Modern

hand wired by Bjorn Juhl (BJFe)


BJFe Honey Bee OD 4K (Modern)

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  • BJFe Honey Bee OD 4K Modern (HBM4K) - The BJFe Honey Bee has been the go to low/medium gain overdrive for many players. With its signature warm and organic overdrive sound, it's a pedal that we always come back to. Björn Juhl of BJFe has decided to give this loved classic an update with extended control over the EQ and more gain on tap than the Retro or Standard.. You may have wanted to add just a little more treble, but this often results in a loss in that elusive low end thump that has become this pedals signature. With the 4K new edition Björn has now extended the range of both the bass and treble controls to let you dial in that extra high end shimmer while keeping those bass frequencies overdriving in all their golden glory. 

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