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used BJFe Mighty Green MiniVibe Deluxe

hand wired by Bjorn Juhl (BJFe) Sweden

excellent condition w/original box

used BJFe Mighty Green MiniVibe Deluxe

Out of Stock
  • BJFe Mighty Green MiniVibe Deluxe (MGMVdlx) - The Mighty Green Mini Vibe Deluxe is not a univibe or leslie. It’s a unique modulation effect closer to a 3D bias tremolo with some extra movement. An analog harmonic trem/vibe. It becomes one with your sound rather than changing it into something else. You can also use it as a harmonic enhancer with the amplitude down. There are three internal trimmers (a) the trimmer on the PCB sets the gain and is used to set unity gain so that there is no level difference when toggling the effect on and off (b) the trimmer on the footswitch closest to the battery sets the velocity in the small cupsize mode and then overrides the top-mounted Velocity control (c) the trimmer farthest from battery and also mounted on the footswitch sets the amplitude when in small cupsize mode but it is dependent on the top mounted amplitude control. Very warm and musical. One of my favorite of BJFe creations. Very inspiring.

    BJFe Mighty Green MiniVibe Deluxe is a unique true vibrato inspired by 60's organ vibrato. It is a pedal that is different from effects such as tremolo, phaser, and uni-vibe.

    Reproduces the vibrato of an early electric organ played with a tube amp. Compared to many phase shifters and uni-vibes, it features less distortion and a transparent tone. Unlike general chorus and vibrato effects, it features a metallic tone and noiselessness by not using a comb filter.

    The unique vibrato, which does not add extra color to the tone and is different from many modulation effects, at the same time has a classical tone and can create undulations that are similar to uni-vibe. The clear and transparent tone matches the modern music scene, not just a sound that goes up and down like a tremolo effect. Therefore, you can easily add a classical texture to modern songs. It is an exquisite tone that can be created only by the unique circuit of MGMV. The vibrato tones found in vintage amps from the '50s have something in common.

    In addition, although it is a high-quality modulation effect, it consumes little current and can be used for a long time even with batteries.
    The modulation speed is indicated by a flashing LED, allowing you to instantly check the current setting. With modern operability such as a true bypass footswitch and heavy-duty housing, you can also enjoy the vintage texture every time you use it with a paint that makes it easy to taste.

    The MGMV is a vibrato pedal that is ideal for electric guitars and guitar amps that are set to about clean to crunch.
    This effect creates a vibrato tone on old style amps and organs, especially the vibrato of 50's and 60's amps and organs.
    Two knobs, Velocity and Amplitude, allow you to adjust the speed and depth of the vibrato. Velocity sets the speed and frequency of the internal oscillator. Amplitude adjusts the depth of the effect.

    You can also set the Velocity and Amplitude to preset values ​​with the Capsize switch.
    By default, Velocity is the fastest. Use the internal trimpots to tweak the settings and recall your preferred settings at any time.

    In addition, you can set the gain with the trimpot on the board. It is set to unity gain when shipped, but can be boosted lightly if needed.

    *Please use a precision screwdriver to adjust the trim pot with extreme caution. Also, be careful not to damage other parts in the circuit. Trim pots and other damage are not covered under warranty.

    ・Setting example
    1. Thick Tone: Set Velocity to maximum and Amplitude to a slightly higher setting. It has almost no vibrato effect and can fatten up the sound without shaking it.

    2. Swallow sound: Set Velocity to minimum and Amplitude to a little lower than 12:00. You can get a classical vibe tone.

    3. Vibrato: Set the Velocity to match the rhythm of the song, and set the Amplitude from 12 o'clock to a little past.

    *If the MGMV has not been used for a long time, turn on the power for the first time and allow the oscillator to stabilize for about 60 seconds. If the LED flashes when the effect is on, preparation is complete. Since the pot is a DC control, it may produce a small sound when operated with the effect turned on.

    MGMV is designed on the premise that distortion is used in the front and back.
    You can also connect directly from the passive pickup, but when applying vibrato to a clean tone, you can get a better tone by installing a compressor in the previous stage. MGMV cuts the mids just a little bit, while most vibrato effects have a light midrange swell. This is especially for outputting the high frequencies, which have a large effect when combined with distortion, as much as possible.
    Therefore, MGMV can apply vibrato naturally even when combined with distortion. And if you want to maximize the potential of MGMV, it is to install a heavy output device such as a booster in the front stage.

    The MGMV has a high input impedance that matches guitar pickups, and the output is set to a maximum value of about 20K, matching guitar amps, many effectors, and tape echoes.

    The Mighty Green MiniVibe Deluxe runs on a 9V battery or a standard 2.1mm barrel type center negative DC9V adapter.

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