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BJFe Model H

hand wired by Bjorn Juhl (BJFe)

BJFe Model H

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  • BJFe Model H (MH) - Bjorn's take on the classic Hiwatt amps of the 70's.  

    The BJFe Model H is a fat drive pedal based on the tone of the "H" amp, one of Britain's leading vintage amp tones. With Drive at minimum, picking pressure can create distortion at will, like Pete Townshend played live in Leeds. From there, turn up the Drive knob and the tone becomes rich and punchy. The Drive control provides an easy-to-use tone throughout the drive range.If you increase the gain even further, you can create strong distortion that exceeds the upper limit of the original vintage amp.The Voice (Tone) control allows you to adjust the overall tone balance and headroom for different distortion and saturation. Vol: Adjust the volume.Drive: Adjusts the intensity of distortion. Tone: Adjusts the tone balance. Power supply: 9V battery or center negative DC9V adapter

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