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hand wired by Bjorn Juhl (BJFe) Sweden

Dumble Overdrive Special


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  • BJFe ODS34 (ODS345K) - Bjorn's take on the Dumble Overdrive Special.

    Drive: sets sustain and depth of distortion
    Body: sets at what degree bass and low mids are distorted.
    Edge: sets distortion on one stage and in doing that allows smooth sounds CCW and ragged at CW and somewhere around noon (depending on guitar, player etc.) a pivot point can be set to with the pick of the hands change sound from smooth to ragged and sound level stays the same due to the compression generated by the gain. Treble and Volume: self explanatory.

    The BJFe ODS34 5K is an overdrive pedal aimed at creating world-famous amplifier sounds.

    The name "Dumble", which is known as a rare and high-response amplifier. And more than that, it's David Lindley. And "34" is EL34. Dumble's "ODS" EL34 power tube is a legendary amp made in the 90's.
    From touch-sensitive tones with light distortion and powerful sustain, to those coarse yet haunting tones that make you sing with anger, the knob settings make it possible.
    BJFe has been working on it for decades, and it is a pedal that has finally been completed.

    ● Control
    V: This is a volume control that adjusts the volume.
    D: Drive control that adjusts the intensity of distortion.
    B: Bass control that adjusts the low frequencies.
    T: This is a tone control that mainly adjusts the high frequencies and adjusts the tone.
    E: Controls presence and high treble, and adjusts the edge of distortion.

    BJFe ODS34 5K is powered by a 9V battery or center negative DC9V adapter.


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