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BJFe Orchid Bee OD

hand wired by Bjorn Juhl (BJFe) Sweden

BJFe Orchid Bee OD

  • BJFe Orchid Bee OD (OBOD) - in Bjorn's own words: This is a new model celebrating Honey Bee 20 years. It is a model completely different and if Honey Bee has a built in want for more treble and more gain and a smooth sound, Orchid Bee is its cousin from the wrong side of the railroad and it has that gain and the treble, but a treble that is not too sharp or thin but instead balanced and rich and at the same time just bordering on dangerous. It is really its own evolution in that the goals to meet with this design was what would the antipole be: a design that would not have a built in want for more treble and more gain but yet within a low gain realm. There is a long research behind the balance of treble that went into this design and also what overtones are heard and considered pleasing while not necessarily smooth as in what is electric treble? This is a model for those that want dynamic overdrive with a chimey yet full-bodied treble at a gain range suitable for low gain. BJ

    The Orchid Bee has four controls:

    Drive that sets the gain
    Bass is designed to set max bass where response is precisely dangerous but not overpowering
    Treble is an unusual control that changes focus of treble as well as boost and cut