BJFe Sparkle Face (blue sparkle)

hand wired by Bjorn Juhl (BJFe)

BJFe Sparkle Face

  • BJFe Sparkle Face (SF) - Based on the Fuzz Face but with more gain available, much less noise, led and center negative polarity, dual germanium transistors.

    The Volume control adjusts the overall volume.

    The Saturation control adjusts the overall tone and behavior of the timbre from vintage to modern *

    The Fuzz control adjusts the gain of the entire circuit.

    *The internal trimpot adjusts the bias of the transistors. If you move it, the timbre will change, but it is recommended that you mark the initial setting when adjusting it so that you can return to the original setting.

    Power supply: 9V battery or center negative DC9-12V adapter
    Current consumption: 2mA
    Input impedance: 5kΩ
    Output impedance: 10kΩ