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BJFe Super Apricot OD

hand wired by Bjorn Juhl

BJFe Super Apricot AIAB

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  • BJFe Super Apricot (SAOD) - Rustic, dynamic overdrive inspired by the 1960's Supro tube amps.

    Super Apricot OD is a "slightly later" amp sound than Honey Bee OD. Simply put, the characteristics are the jazzy smoothness and darkness of the Honey Bee OD and the rocking Super Apricot OD.

    They have nothing in common on the circuit. Super Apricot OD is AIAB and Honey Bee OD is an overdrive effector.

    The tone of the Super Apricot OD can be said to be the rustic tone of a classic amp tone, but you'll be amazed at the depth as you play it. Frighteningly dynamic and controllable. The sound doesn't feel any compression, but it has a strong saturation.

    You can easily control the gain with the DRIVE control, guitar VOLUME, and picking at hand, and quickly return to clean. However, there is a sense of saturation in that clean, and it is truly a “hot clean”.

    On the other hand, you can distort strongly by raising the DRIVE and picking strongly. But that distortion has a clean tone-like resolution.

    And, along with compression and saturation, there is always a sense of range peculiar to combo amps. Adds a crushing feeling of overtone components peculiar to open back cabinets.

    Super Apricot OD is a very realistic amp sound. The core tone of rock exists here.

    VOL: Adjusts the volume.
    DRIVE: Adjusts the intensity of distortion.
    TREBLE: Adjusts the overall tone balance, focusing on the high frequencies.

    SAOD works with 9V battery or standard 2.1mm barrel type center minus DC9V adapter. Current consumption is about 2.5mA.

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