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custom Black & Blue Bass OD Deluxe

hand wired by Bjorn Juhl (BJFe)

custom Black & Blue Bass OD Deluxe

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  • custom Black & Blue Bass OD (B&BBODdlx) - this is a custom BlackBerry BOD & BlueBerry BOD in one enclosure with a midboost/vintage mode toggle.

    in Bjorn's own words: First in chain is Blueberry. Tone/Nature on Blueberry works just the same as B knob in this version. Actually I had some 20 years ago only access to a limited selection of potentiometers basically two values 500K and 50K, two tapers linear and log, and so I had to come up with ways of using those to the maximum. Later I could get more values and so years ago when I needed reverse log I’d wire up a log pot backwards but now I have many values to choose from and can get precise on user interface so B knob does exactly that the original did only now bass increases clockwise. I also added a treble control and if you put that fully CCW it is out of circuit; further I added a midboost/vintage mode switch This is because midswitch and treble control can be handy. Blackberry is wired just like always. About phase angle versus bypass both sides are 180 Degrees outof phase which becomes in phase when both sides are used at once. Those I know that have tried either of these models in parallel with dry have all said parallel did not add anything good but all have preferred series with either Blackberry or Blueberry. Stacking both sides can give heavy gain and under such circumstances parallel could possibly be good but hardly necessary imho. Yes you can run it up to 15V (but not higher than that). Headroom you also control via Drive and Bass controls as those set amplification. This design allows stacking both circuits which allows heavy gain. I can say after testing it thoroughly that spending time setting all controls pays off. BJ


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