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Lundgren BJFe Humbucker Medium Output Set

Lundgren BJFe Humbucker Medium Output Set

  • A medium output humbucker set with maximum tone. After the success of Lundgren/BJFE Stratocaster set and Telecaster set we have got a lot of requests for a humbucker set in this cool collaboration. A full bodied set with great balance.

    The Bridge pickup is getting its full frequency range from an AlNiCo 4 magnet. And for a twist of ours we use Heavy Formvar Wire in this bridge pickup which is a first for us in a humbucker. The heavier insulation give less capacitance in the coil and the tone is bold and blooming. This Medium/Vintage output bridge pickup has enough power for most situations. Both pickups are made with our own parts including bobbins and threaded pole piece holder.


    The neck pickup we made a tad brighter than any of our neck pickups made before. The AlNiCo 4 magnet used in combination with careful winds of plain Enamel AWG 42 wire keeps the low end down (bass in control) and lets the midrange and treble shine through. Just like you want it.



     Bridge Pickup DCR 8,3K           HF awg42   Al4

    Neck Pickup   DCR  7K              PE awg42   Al4

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