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Lundgren BJFe P-90 Set Soapbar Cream

black covers also available in another listing

Lundgren BJFe P-90 Set Soapbar Cream

  • Lundgren® developed a new pickup set for P-90 in collaboration with Bjorn Juhl - the man behind BJFe.

    The P-90 is a very effective pickup with much power and aplomb.
    In order to decrease the high losses due to magnetic eddy currents , we have parted the bottom plate from the magnets using wooden spacers.

    A big sound and a big size. A high power singlecoil with classic stories. Smooth treble and big tones like a sledgehammer if you hit the strings harder. Many musicians/guitar players rank this the best sounding pick up ever. A pickup design and construction with unique sound characteristics. With distinct low end and sweet fat highs. A pick up for rock, jazz and blues with two high quality Alnico 5 magnets. Used by both professionals and amateurs. Cream covers.

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