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Moody Sounds BJF Universal Reverb Driver kit

designed by Bjorn Juhl (BJFe) w/quality components

Moody Sounds BJF Universal Reverb Driver kit

  • The BJF Universal Reverb driver is designed for letting you connect
    any external standard spring reverb unit to the pedal’s send-return
    loop. It has two Send channels, one 1k and one 8ohm, to make it match with the most common reverb unit impedances. The pedal has a Mix knob and two Dwell knobs to let you take out what you want from the reverb unit. Pre-drilled 1590bb box included. RCA jacks for connecting the external tank (external reverb unit is not included in the kit).

    BJF Universal Reverb drives an external reverb tank. Because reverb tanks can have different input impedance, and our idea with this circuit is that it can be used with any tank, we have provided the box with two outputs. An output via a transformer, suitable for tanks with low inimp, in the order of 10 ohms. An output via capacitor for tanks with inimp 100-1000 ohms.

    The pedal also has three control knobs for controlling 1. Dwell 1 (gain before the signal is sent to the tank) 2. Dwell 2 (amplification after the signal comes from the tank) and 3. mix between clean sound and effects sound. With the trimmers on the PCB you can set the signal volume compared to the bypass.

    The reverb tank is connected via RCA jacks on one of the long side of the pedal. Guitar and amplifier in the usual way on the right and left short sides respectively. True bypass. 9V tap only (no battery).

    Tank in last photo not included.

    DIY kits contain complete instructions and all components needed to build the effect including pre-drilled enclosure. 

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