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Olsson BJF100 - hand wired 100W two channel head

120V standard black tolex 

Two button footswitch


Olsson BJF100 head

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  • Olsson BJF100 - 100W hand wired two channel head

    120V standard black tolex version for the US market

    The BJF100 are the holy brain child of two of Swedens most respected amp and pedal designers, Björn Juhl (BJFe) and John Olsson at (Olsson Amplification).

    Despite its simple visual appearance is it a one of a kind amp design packed with unique sounds and features that will inspire and enrich any playing situation. It is versatile enough to hold your back with great, convincing, sounds no matter what gig you find yourself at. All with a unique transparency that makes every little nuance in your playing shine true. The word expressive just got a new meaning.

    The BJF100 is a two channel amplifier powered by 100 watts of biting EL34 tubes. You will never run out of muscles when needed no matter the size of the stage. And even more importantly, deliver the headroom you need at any volume.

    It’s big and it bites, but yet warm, tuby and vocal. Loaded with sparkling overtones at any volume and the most dynamic compression imaginable. It will follow and enrich your playing like a trained dance and make you sound better than ever. But it is an honest amp and gives more back the better you play. Both channels can produce distorted sounds and do seamlessly overlap each other.

    Channel 1 can go from clean with just a little dirt on the top to heavily distorted with a touch of the 70’s thrown in. Enough to play heavy music or soaring leads. A channel with a unique sound you won’t find anywhere els without loosing contact with history of great guitar sounds.

    Channel 2 has two voicings and can go from clean to quite a serious amount of gain. The idea is that most guitarists, when running a clean sound, rarely want it to be clinically clean. They want shimmer and limiting on the transients. Normally a sound coming from when the power amp section is pushed really hard. A sound with the obvious downside of getting extremely loud. A unique feature of the BJF100 is that we have successfully moved that pushed power tubes sound into the pre-amp section instead. With the full filing result that this powerful 100W head will sound great even at bedroom volumes.

    Prepare to be amazed, turn the volume controls down and the sound will stay the same.

    Also worth mentioning is that the clean and the overdrive channel have no components in common, resulting in two optimized channels which is not very common in this type of amp. Basically two different preamps sharing the same power amp.

    Both channels come with a very effective three band EQ and separate Presence controls. This makes it easy to color each channel perfectly to fit your guitar and/or playing style.

    Due to the unique pre-amp design the BJF100 takes pedals extremely well and the transparent FX-LOOP takes care of your time based pedals exceptionally.

    The BJF100 amps are hand built by skilled engineers in Sweden and crafted with the finest material for flawless performance.


    Power tubes 4 x EL34's

    Preamp tubes 4 x ECC83's

    Solid state rectifier

    Mercury Magnetics transformers

    Two channels - Clean/Crunch and Overdrive

    Separate EQ's with Bass, Mid, Treble and Presence

    Serial Effects Loop w/levels and bypass

    Impedance 4/8/16 ohms w/two parallel outputs

    Foot switch and dust cover

  • Olsson Amplification is now selling amps and cabs direct to consumer.

    Please direct all inquiries to

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