Olsson Amps Fuzztner - An amazing combination of a great octavia fuzz and an extraordinary great sounding fuzz with two modes, normal and gated. 


Olsson Amps Fuzztner

  • Olsson Amps Fuzztner -”The Fuzztner” an Octavia and Fuzz pedal with a lot of possibilities. It is a collaboration between Olsson Amplification and Swedish guitar wizard Staffan Astner. It creates some of his unique signature sounds. 

    Level: the output level from the pedal 

    Tone: adjusts the EQ, flat about noon

    Fuzz: adjusts the amount of fuzz 

    Toggle O/F: Octavia (O), Normal Fuzz (N)

    Toggle N/G: Normal Fuzz (N), Gated Fuzz (G) this toggle only works in fuzz mode