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One Control BJF-S66 BUNDLE

includes: OC BJF-S66 amp head & OC FS-P3 footwsitch




One Control BJF-S66 BUNDLE (includes FS-P3 footswitch)

$799.00 Regular Price
$679.00Sale Price
  • One Control BJF-S66 amp BUNDLE 

    bundle includes: OC BJF-S66 amp head & OC FS-P3 footwsitch

    BJF-S66 has the sound of such an American combo amp. This amp head allows you to easily create the best "twangy" tones at any time, from tones that output high volume when new, to sounds that have become known as "vintage" due to aging components.

    The analog and solid state preamp section allows you to select between two channels: Lead/Rhythm, and the Lead channel has a Lead Drive control to increase the gain.

    The 3-band active equalizer that controls the tone emphasizes intuitive operability for guitarists, allowing them to freely control the tone.
    Furthermore, you can use the Bright switch to emphasize the crystal clear and beautiful sound characteristic of American amplifiers.

    Additionally, each channel has a built-in high-quality, natural digital reverb that can be set individually, ensuring optimal spatial reverberation at all times. You can create a natural and beautiful reverb sound that is just like the S seat at the highest concert hall.

    It also includes a classic, warm tremolo effect reminiscent of the "bias" tremolo sound installed in vintage American amplifiers. The tremolo effect can also be turned on/off with a remote switch.

    The preamp section reproduces the tone and response of the entire preamp and power amp sections of a real tube amp.
    It reproduces even the small distortions caused by the interaction between the preamp and power amp, allowing you to create the pleasant sound unique to tube amps at any volume.

    The tones produced by these preamp sections are sent to a 66W (8Ω) Class D power amplifier.
    A clear and efficient digital power amplifier will not malfunction like a vacuum tube power amplifier, even if a speaker cabinet is not connected, and the master volume can be adjusted smoothly from silence to full volume.
    From playing in the bedroom to recording studios to live house stages, you can use just one small amp head.

    Master can be set for each channel, so you can increase the volume on the Lead channel to bring it to the front, and adjust the volume so that the Rhythm channel puts the sound behind the vocals.

    Additionally, it features an effects loop, allowing you to incorporate the amplifier into your system more flexibly.
    The output from the SEND can be treated in the same way as the output from a regular effect board, so it can be output to the input of another guitar amp or power amp, or it can be output directly to a line out by passing it through a cabinet simulator.

    If you connect the One Control FS-P3 footswitch, you can turn the effect loop ON/OFF, switch channels, and turn the tremolo effect ON/OFF with the footswitch.

    ・MASTER RHY: Adjust the volume of the Rhythm channel.
    ・MASTER LEAD: Adjust the volume of the Lead channel.
    ・GAIN: Adjust the gain level that is the basis of the overall amp sound. Set it like the “Volume” control on a vintage amp.
    ・LEAD DRIVE: Set the gain boost on the Lead channel. When this is set to the minimum, the gain settings for the Rhythm channel and Lead channel will be the same.
    ・TREBLE: Adjusts the tone by ±20dB around 2kHz. Setting it to the minimum mutes the sound.
    ・MID: Adjusts the tone by ±10dB around 450Hz.
    ・BASS: Adjusts the tone by ±20dB around 70Hz.
    ・BRIGHT switch: Boosts 4kHz by +10dB.
    ・REVERB RHY: Adjust the reverb of the Rhythm channel. DECAY adjusts the reverb length, and LEVEL adjusts the reverb volume. If you set LEVEL to the minimum, no reverb will be applied.
    ・REVERB LEAD: Adjust the reverb of the Lead channel. DECAY adjusts the reverb length, and LEVEL adjusts the reverb volume. If you set LEVEL to the minimum, no reverb will be applied.
    ・TREMOLO: Set the tremolo effect. Use the switch to turn the effect ON/OFF, DEPTH to adjust the depth of the tremolo, and SPEED to adjust the tremolo speed.

    ●Input/output terminals
    /INPUT: Connect cables from instruments and effect boards.
    ・EFFECTS LOOP: This is a series effects loop used when connecting effects between the preamp and power amp. Connect a cable from the SEND to the effect input, and from the effect output to RETURN.
    ・PREAMP OUT: Outputs the signal from the preamp. Use when using an external power amplifier or outputting line through an external speaker simulator. If you connect a plug here, no signal will be output from the SPEAKER settings.
    ・SPEAKER: Connect the speaker cable. 30W/16Ω, 66W/8Ω, 100W/4Ω.
    ・FS P3: Connect the One Control FS-P3 footswitch.
    ・FOOTSWICH (CHANNEL): Connect the latch switch that controls channel switching.
    ・FOOTSWITCH (FDX LOOP): Connect the latch switch that turns the effect loop ON/OFF.
    ・FOOTSWITCH (TREMOLO): Connect the latch switch that turns the tremolo effect ON/OFF using a monaural cable.
    ・DC IN: Connect the dedicated adapter.

    ・Input impedance: 1MΩ
    ・Output: 30W/16Ω, 66W/8Ω, 100W/4Ω
    ・Equipped with an effect loop that can be turned on/off with a foot switch
    ・Rhythm/Lead channel common EQ
    ・BASS 70Hz +-20dB
    ・MID 450Hz +- 10dB
    ・TREBLE 2KHz +-20dB
    ・BRIGHT switch: +10dB at 4KHz
    ・Channel switching by foot switch
    /Tremolo effect: ON/OFF compatible with foot switch, DEPTH, SPEED control included
    ・Size: 26.5(W) x 9.5(D) x 8.5(H)cm (not including protrusions)
     26.5(W) x 11.8(D) )×10.3(H)cm (handle folded)
    ・Weight: 1.62kg

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