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One Control Waterproof Sling Tail Bag Black

Rolling to your gig in style with One Control's new Waterproof Sling Tail Bag. With room to carry several effects, accessories, and cables within the inside waterproof bag, the OC STB can get your gear to the gig safely and in style. On the inside waterproof bag is an extra layer of cushion to protect your delicate electronics, and the outer bag also has an outside pocket for strings, picks, and small tools. The bag can be worn as a sling-style bag over the shoulder, strapped to a gigbag for ease of carry, or even work around the waist if that's your jam. We have placed a mesh-style fabric upon the back, to help avoid sweat and humidity build-up from carry in hot climates. Many guitarists don't want to gig with a large pedalboard and work in cities where carrying large amounts of gear can be troublesome and expensive. With our new Sling Tail Bag, it's easy and safe to carry your gig essentials with you to the studio, rehearsal room, or the gig - in a light and waterproof solution you can only get from One Control!

One Control Waterproof Sling Tail Bag Black

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