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used Emerald Green Distortion Machine 4 knob (EGDM) #261

excellent condition w/original box

signed to Nate enjoy on inside enclosure


used BJFe Emerald Green Distortion Machine 4 knob #261

Out of Stock
  • used BJFe EDGM 4 knob #261

    Bjorn's take on the Vox 

    Voxy distortion booster. The controls on the pedal are somewhat non-standard as in the "Drive" control also effects the compression level and the "Voice" control adjusts more than the treble. The idea, as on a Vox amp, is that with both controls to the left it is clean and bright and as you turn them up it adds distortion and compression and the treble rolls off and there is a bass 'flub'. The once internal treble trimpot has been moved to the exterior as the fourth knob treble control on the 4K.

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