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vintage BJFe Emerald Green Distortion (Elfa) #110

hand wired by Bjorn Juhl (BJFe)

excellent condition w/original box and instructions

vintage BJFe Emerald Green Distortion (Elfa) #110

Out of Stock
  • Emerald Green Distortion Machine (EGDM) - Voxy distortion booster (released 30th September 2003). The pedal was originally requested by by Deano/Pinkstrat as a distortion pedal for a Komet 60 amp however BJ did not have a Komet amp so he designed it using a late 60's VOX AC15 Twin with two Alnico 10"s instead (also, some people wanted a Vox-type drive as well). It was originally designed using a Flying V with light humbuckers (about the same level as P-90's) and was conceived to work with an already distorted sound. The early models had a flat green color and were covered in Nitrocellulose lacquer. The color was changed to a brighter oil-based color in 2004. The controls on the pedal are somewhat non-standard as in the "Drive" control also effects the compression level and the "Voice" control adjusts more than the treble. The idea, as on a Vox amp, is that with both controls to the left it is clean and bright and as you turn them up it adds distortion and compression and the treble rolls off and there is a bass 'flub'. On top of this there is an internal trimmer (added at around #7) to help adjust the treble. The backplate artwork is a ringed planet in the clouds with a comet streaking through - the comet symbolises the Komet 60 amp.

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